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Whether you are building a new swimming pool from scratch, or looking to give a facelift to your current pool, aesthetic and functionality are both equally important considerations. While fiberglass pools are limited in their size, shape and depth, concrete pools offer a wide range of options, which means the sky’s the limit for homeowners who want to design a truly unique backyard space. 

There are many ways to elevate an inground pool, whether you are looking to create a calming backyard oasis, a fun entertaining space, or a spa-like retreat from the world. An experienced pool contractor like Austin Pool and Spa Builders will be able to walk you through all the options for improving the versatility, appearance, and usability of your pool. However, as a starting point, here are five tips for upgrading your inground pool and creating a beautiful amenity for your home. 

  1. The shape. Unlike fiberglass pools, concrete pools can be designed as a custom shape to accommodate the yard space or the owner’s preferences. By choosing a unique and flattering shape for your inground pool, you will instantly improve the appearance of the pool and your backyard.
  2. The finish. Concrete pools can incorporate a variety of plaster finishes that change the look and feel of the pool. For example, a quartz finish is usually a plain plaster look with a white or blue tint and is fairly smooth, whereas a pebble aggregate plaster can include different size pebbles in different colors.
  3. Decking. A custom deck or patio can turn your inground pool into a complete backyard experience. A wooden, brick or stone patio can connect to the concrete area around the pool and make it more visually appealing and accessible.
  4. Custom tiling. The plaster on a concrete pool can be stamped to look like tile and tilework can also be incorporated into the top border of the pool as well as a concrete patio. This is a subtle and easy way to improve a pool’s appearance.

For more ideas about how to create a custom inground pool project that will meet all your family’s needs, contact Austin Pool and Spa Builders today!

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